These guys know how to handle a case. From the moment you come in Keith Donati and Jeffrey Brashear put your worry at ease. I would not contact anyone but these guys for legal council.


Jefferey Brashear got my DWI case with multiple felony charges completely dismissed. These guys are the best out there. Would recommend to anyone that ever finds themselves under fire from the law.

Raymond Fizzario

Amazing team of legal professionals. Jeffrey Brashear is one of the best DWI attorneys out there. If you want to avoid convictions and get your case dismissed I highly recommend contacting Jeffrey Brashear.


Amazing staff!!!! Jeffery Brashear did a tremendous job helping out with our case!!!! I highly recommend him and his law firm!!!

Cecilia Bell

What can I say. Keith Donati is one of the best attorneys I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He helped me get a great settlement for my case and get my life back. Thank you so much for your help Keith. I can never repay you enough!

Karen Luvall

I had an issue with my Kia dealer not wanting to replace my vehicle headlights ($2K est.) while under warranty. The headlights were deteriorating and Kia acted in a biased, favored manner towards themselves by denying any defect or fault in product quality. I reached out to the firm, whom provided me with the legal weight and assistance of a professional lawyer whom wrote me a demand letter. Ultimately Kia abided by the terms of the demand letter and chose to do right by their contractual agreement and honor the warranty, which replaced my headlights. This case ended up simply resolved, and I am very satisfied with the work and outcome.

Eli Mata